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Outdoor Shower Design Ideas You Should Always Keep in Mind

Posted by Corinne Duffey on

Outdoor showers have quickly become one of our favorite design ideas, and to use. There is something very exciting about taking a shower outside. Maybe it’s the cool or warm air on the skin, or that it feels more romantic. No matter why we love outdoor showers, they have become an icon of the good life. Being able to take a shower outdoors is like being on a vacation that never ends. Here are eight great Outdoor Shower Design Ideas to get you started:

Hide the Outdoor Shower by Using Similar Design Elements

Having an outdoor shower does not mean that it needs to stand out. Enclosing the shower with building materials that are used in other areas of the house will make the shower standout less. You should also think about the colors that you are using.

 A Niche in the Wall

Storage can be a problem with outdoor showers. A niche is the wall is a great way to add storage. You can also make the niche in the wall a small window to keep an eye out for other people.

 Use the Landscape to Hide the Outdoor Shower

Adding some color to your outdoor shower can make a world of difference. If you do not have a large yard, think about using the walls of the shower to add plants. Vertical gardens have also become a major trend and can be used to grow just about anything.


Before adding an outdoor shower, you should take some time to plan the lighting. No one likes to shower in the dark, so make sure that there is lighting in and outside of the shower.


Seating outside of the shower is a great option as it is a place to put your clothing and towels or to sit down when drying off. You can also add seating inside of the shower to making washing easier, and have a spot to place your shampoo, body wash, and other personal items.

Know Where Your Towels Are

One of the most important parts of an outdoor shower is where you are going to store your towels. The cheapest route is plastic hooks that you can find at the dollar store, but there are many other creative options for towel storage that are still budgeting friendly. You may also want to keep some extra towels in your outdoor shower, as you do not want to be streaking because you forget your towels. This is an important part of your outdoor shower ideas.

Consider where you place the Outdoor Shower carefully

No one wants to stand around in mud while taking an outdoor shower.  Having the outdoor shower on a flat waterproof surface is the most ideal, but if not be sure you don’t have it where it can turn into a mud bath instead ;-)

Can’t find a good place outside?

Consider extending your indoor shower outdoors. This can take some remodeling and additional costs, but this is continuously becoming a popular option for those who seek an outdoor shower but don’t want to travel too far to get there. 

No matter the style of outdoor shower that you pick, you will have an amazing time with it. Outdoor showers are becoming very popular, as they are fun and simple to add to your home.  Don’t miss out on the feeling of freedom and being one with nature that only outdoor showers can provide.

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